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Financial Planning & Reporting

Better financial planning though optimal collection,
integration and reporting of distributed data and expert knowledge





Does your wish list for improving financial planning and reporting look anything like this?

• Simplify planning
• Automate and improve the input collection
• Consolidate in a unified plan
• Create transparency across processes
• Ensure controlled access
• Automate processes
• Improve data quality
• Collaborate more easily
• Create seamless integration
• Discover deeper insights
• Have the ability to grow and respond to market changes
• Build a clear & intuitive reporting…

Now, with a little help, these wishes can come true.

Over the years Quantum has helped customers from a variety of industries to solve such issues, resulting in a rich and structured menu of proven and effective actions.

ForecastingWith the right combination of “dishes” from Quantum’s Financial Planning & Reporting Menu, also you can streamline your planning, budgeting and forecasting processes, improve efficiency, mini­mize errors, and connect to the rest of the business.

Starting with an audit workshop, we work with you to find which combination of menu items and tools best fit your needs. We create a roadmap and then – step-by-step – go about achieving the desired results. And by finding the right combination, we are able to make your investment a low-risk way to improve your work and add value to your organization.

We use a mix of open-source and commercial tools, such as KNIME, Jedox and Tableau.


Jedox is an enterprise performance management software for streamlining planning, budgeting and forecasting throughout the organization.

Our Financial Planning & Reporting Menu comprises many dishes, to cover every need:

Study the current financial planning to see where improvements are needed


Data collection and the status quo – automate collection and improve data quality


Off-loading excel handling in a professional planning tool for simpler planning


Orchestrating painless input collection from planners throughout the organization


Find an appropriate planning tool and improve efficiency across your organization


Rich visualisation & reporting for more transparency in your budgeting & accounting



Visual analytics on your data provide insights into your business


Learning visual analytics to facilitate a faster and more accurate decision-making process


Digitalization in controlling to streamline and accelerate your business processes


Development of new planning scenarios to build a more robust strategy for your company


Richer data mining with more data sources for better forecasting


Determining breakdowns for optimal forecasting and planning

Typical Combinations

Fact Finding



Flexible Structuring


Digitalization in Practice


Visual Analytics







To learn more about how to get started and which components are right for your business, simply contact us at info@qbis.ch.