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Graph Solutions

Take advantage of graph methods and technology to leverage the complex patterns hiding in your data and gain deeper insights into your business.

With a graph database you can connect data as it is stored, giving you visualization and analysis options between the interconnected information to discover complex patterns and generate insight. Because sometimes, the relationships between data points tell you more than the points themselves.

A few things graph networks can do for your business...

• Bring true transparency in your sales funnel 

• Find clusters of products and services that sell

• Define data lineage for compliance (GDPR) or due diligence

• Develop fraud detection

• Create a queryable inventory of systems, users and data

• Better governance through a digital business process landscape

• Specify your customer relationship network


A few examples of how we’ve helped our customers with graph solutions:

  • Identifiy business cases
  • Design graph model
  • Set up dedicated graph database
  • Visualize the network to let our brains seek patterns
  • Analyze the network with the help of algorithms for further pattern recognition
  • Map business problems with the graph approach
  • Integrate graph databases into business processes
  • Make your Visio diagrams come alive and queryable
  • Extend your BI/Data warehouse world with graph perspectives
  • Identify segments or communities in your customer base


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Neo4j is the world’s leading graph database, enabling organizations to unlock the value of connections, influences and relationships in data.

Quantum is a Neo4j solution partner, and we are uniquely positioned to help companies at any stage of their graph technology project. Whether with expert assistance in implementing your own graph solutions project, the application of best practices, guidance on how to leverage a graph or offering a graph-based solution to your customers and prospects, we provide a complete package from subscriptions to support and consulting.

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