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Internet of Things Solutions

Launch innovative products and services that add value to your offer.

The Internet of Things – IoT – is about collecting data and doing something useful with it.

Could you access more data about your products and how they are used – and what about your assets, processes and systems? This can give your business greater ability to learn, react, or innovate.

Whether it’s increasing revenue, reducing costs, or understanding more about your customers, a successful IoT implementation gives you the ability to quickly spot and exploit opportunities for efficiency and productivity gains or added value.


The right IoT partner

Quantum Analytics has the expertise to help you take full advantage of IoT for transformative outcomes and tangible business value.

Our experience and understanding of IoT, together with Amazon’s AWS tools and services, help you achieve maximum benefits and impact.

We have established expertise with leading AWS IoT technologies including IoT Core, IoT Analytics, IoT Events and IoT Device Management. In conjunction with other AWS services like Kinesis, S3, SNS and Redshift, we can build a complete, customized IoT solution to best suit your needs:

> work faster to extract value from your IoT data,

> securely transmit messages to and from all your IoT devices and applications,

> control your devices from the cloud,

> scale solutions for storage, computing, analytics and more.


Some typical IoT use cases:

Predictive Maintenance:
Gather information directly from IoT-enabled equipment to evaluate asset integrity, take
preventative action, and avoid costly downtime or failures.

Advanced Analytics:
Feed machine learning algorithms with data collected from IoT devices to identify patterns that lead to new features and business opportunities.

Collect, link and analyze data from systems, vehicles and goods in a central platform for real-time tracking, total consignment transparency, optimisation of capacity, better forecast accuracy, warning of bottlenecks and more, and increase significantly the efficiency of a logistics operation.  

Fleet Management:
Continuously monitor and audit your operations to proactively address issues that arise, improve driver and vehicle safety, detect anomalies, optimize routes, and secure your fleet.


Whatever your IoT and analytics needs are, give us a call today – chances are, we are the right partner for you: +41 44 500 21 28 or info@qbis.ch


Nuts & Bolts:

By addressing the practical aspects of the Internet of Things (IoT), we create your toolkit for opening a new world of possibilities through distributed data sources connected to the internet. So your company can:

  • Bring your things to the internet
  • Use standard elements to keep things simple, sustainable and guarantee a low time to market
  • Create a prototype to explore the business case you choose
  • Play with IoT to discover innovative business models
  • Easy access through user interfaces for better end-user experience
  • Data management
  • Cost control
  • Address security aspects

Check out our menu of Nuts & Bolts options: 

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When your interconnected things are able communicate their status, respond to events or even act autonomously, it creates smarter processes and systems that can support you without needing your attention. This leaves more time to focus on strategic business decisions and operations and put all that data you are collecting to work and create value for the business. For example:

  • Insight into user experience
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Developing new business models
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Alerts for immediate attention to problems or errors
  • Immediate insights – data hub with data management
  • Storage, monitoring and analysis

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