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OAK – Organization Analytics Kit

The ability to apply data analytics is increasingly important for competing successfully. But how do you improve the capability for data analytics in your organization, and lift it to the next level?

How do you create the right program for your organization, rather than relying on isolated initiatives for individual employees?

Quantum offers guidance and assistance in selecting the right elements and creating a roadmap customized to your needs, incorporating all relevant aspects. And we are there to support and monitor its implementation and, even more importantly, evaluate performance improvement and impact.

OAK - Organization Analytics Kit

The Challenge

OAK - the ChallengeA recurring situation in companies sees employees attend a training in a new discipline. Three months later, those employees find themselves frustrated with how little opportunity there is for them to apply their new skills. No time, no real demand, no support from management – and worse: no perceived value for the organization.

Isolated trainings and new IT tools are not sufficient to develop and consolidate an organization’s capacity for analytics. Frequently the new know-how is not used regularly or integrated in processes, and therefore has no lasting impact on the business.

The Impact of Sitting Still
What happens when organizations do not really develop their capability for data analytics? Very likely, before long, they will struggle to compete: losing out against competitors who do develop and apply analytics; unable to satisfy customers’ evolving expectations; unable to attract and retain employees who want to acquire – and apply – cutting-edge skills.

How can executives make sure that employee training bears fruit for the company?

What is Needed

CoachingThe organization needs a clear path for developing skills and an environment to apply data analytics in a profitable and strategic way. In short, they need a development plan and a coach.

As in sport, the chances of success are significantly higher when there is a strategy, along with regular support and coaching through the ups and downs that inevitably occur.

To address this need, Quantum has developed a program to provide the necessary guidance, and a consistent and sustainable approach to building the appropriate data analytics environment and capability.

The OAK Program

ArrowsThrough Quantum’s Organization Analytics Kit (OAK) program, you can strategically and systematically develop your company’s analytics capability in the four critical areas of skills, infrastructure, processes and leadership. For new skills to take root and grow, consistent support from management is key, as well as the right infrastructure and processes. OAK offers your organization a coordinated development applied to your business challenges. This is done through a customized selection of initiatives combined with sustained coaching and evaluation to make things stick.

The OAK Program draws from Quantum’s decades-long experience in both corporate management and innovative applied data analytics, as well as existing excellent offerings from the market. It is articulated in three fundamental components:

  • a careful assessment of your current situation.
  • a roadmap of action is created, customized to your needs, and discussed with you in detail for feedback and refinement. For each development area several interventions can be planned.
  • a recurrent progress assessment, followed by adjustments to the plan of action, typically quarterly.

Key characteristics of the OAK program:

TESTED – it uses exclusively proven methods based on evidence & commercial experience.
FLEXIBLE – your current work retains its priority.
PERSISTENT – to help you through ups and downs.
INFORMED – it guides you through the many existing options to identify the best path for your situation.
LEARNING THAT STICKS – proven method for development of skills to transfer new knowledge into performance.

LearningOn-the-job learning makes people understand and internalize what they have learned, bringing immediate results to the organization at the same time.

OAK roadmap

Starter Kit

OAK - Starter Kit

Start small, start today – results within weeks

With the OAK Starter Kit, you can easily try out and benefit from the value of the OAK approach. Just select a current and pressing use case within your company and see how data analytics can help steer operations, reduce risks, plan strategies… and make a difference!

For each of the four development areas, we help you choose and implement at least one action. And within a short period of time, you can experience the rewards of OAK.

See an OAK Starter Kit example

Why Quantum

Question MarksOver the years, Quantum has helped customers from a variety of industries to reinvent their business in digital terms and to exploit the potential of data analytics, by building data science platforms with them, training their workforce, helping reshape their processes and creating a successful analytics strategy.

This work has resulted in a rich and structured portfolio of actions of proven effectiveness, which is the essence of Quantum’s Organization Analytics Kit program.

Through it all, Quantum leverages experience in both corporate management and innovative applied data analytics to offer guidance and assistance in selecting the right elements and creating a roadmap customized to your needs. And we are there to support and monitor its implementation and, even more importantly, evaluate performance improvement and impact.