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Tableau continues to be the leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms (read report).

Quantum, an official Tableau partner since 2009, offers a variety of services to meet your Tableau needs:

  • Tableau consulting
  • Training & courses
  • Coaching
  • Data sourcing support
  • Data preparation
  • Maintenance & Tuning
  • Data visualization
  • Data Platform
  • License optimization, and more.


Onsite Tableau Training Courses

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Upcoming courses located at our offices in Zurich
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Introduction Tableau Desktop Mar 6
Advanced Tableau Desktop Feb 28
Visual Analytics & Data Storytelling
Mar 14

Introduction to Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop Tableau Training Tableau SchulungThis 1-day Tableau course is designed to help understand and use the main concepts and techniques in Tableau, to move from simple to complex visualizations and to combine them in interactive dashboards. It will be taught on the latest Tableau Desktop version, or the version in use at your organisation.

Target Audience Anyone who works with data, regardless of background. Tableau users: beginner to intermediate level.

Content Connect to your data in a variety of formats and sources. Edit and save data sources; handle changes such as field addition, deletion or name changes. Create basic calculations including string manipulation, custom aggregations and ratios, logic statements and quick table calculations. Represent your data with a variety of visualization types (cross tabs, maps, dual axis / combo charts, heat maps, box plots, distribution charts, tree maps, scatter plots, etc.). Use reference lines to highlight elements of your data. Use groups, bins, hierarchies, sets, and filters to create focused and effective visualizations with multiple measures and dimensions. Finally, combine your visualizations into interactive dashboards, share with others and publish online.

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Advanced Tableau Desktop

Tableau Ausbildung Tableau EducationThis 2-day course is designed to provide the skills required to become a Tableau power user. It is meant for the professional who has solid working experience with Tableau and wants to take it to the next level. The course will be taught on the latest Tableau Desktop version.

Target Audience Users with a good understanding of all the fundamental concepts of building worksheets and dashboards.

Content Build advanced chart types and visualizations such as Bar in bar charts, Pareto Charts and Bullet Graphs. Build complex calculations to manipulate data. Prep data for analysis and use statistical techniques to analyse it. Use parameters and input controls. Implement advanced geographic mapping techniques and use custom images and geocoding to build spatial visualizations of non-geographic data. Combine data sources and data from multiple tables in the same data source. Make your visualizations perform as well as possible with the Data Engine, extracts, and efficient connection methods. Build better dashboards for guided analytics, interactive dashboard design, and visual best practices. Learn efficiency tips and tricks. Use Tableau Server in a basic way to share your visualizations.

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Tableau Server Administration

Tableau Server admin trainingThis 1-day course provides in-depth coverage of Tableau Server administration, including managing content, users, and permissions. The course includes hands-on activities to reinforce the skills and knowledge attained.

Target Audience The expertise and skills acquired are best geared towards those who will be administering the Tableau Server installation. There are no Tableau-specific knowledge prerequisites.

Content User interactions with Tableau Server / Tableau Server components. Single-server installation / Content administration. Authorization and permissions / Users, groups, and sites. Data sources and extracts / Schedules, tasks, and subscriptions. Monitoring server status / Command-line utilities and REST API. Upgrading a single-server installation to a new version. Modifying the authentication method.

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Tableau Server Architecture

Tableau Server configurationThis 1-day course provides in-depth coverage of Tableau Server architecture and configuration. You will need it if your responsibilities include the architecture and administration of a large deployment of Tableau Server, typically in an enterprise environment.

Target Audience The expertise and skills acquired are best geared towards those architecting and administering a large deployment of Tableau Server. There are no knowledge prerequisites.

Content In-depth analysis of Tableau Server architecture. Installing and configuring Tableau Server in an enterprise environment. Command-line utilities. Monitoring server status. Licensing models. Migrating a system to new hardware. Scalability and distributed installations. High availability. Analysis of authentication methods. Embedding and APIs.

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Visual Analytics & Storytelling

Data storytellingThis 2-day course is designed to equip participants with the necessary conceptual and technical skillset to create compelling visualizations. Attendees will learn about effective data visualization techniques and how to apply these concepts in practice with Tableau. A variety of simple and complex visualizations will be created, discussed, and subsequently combined in interactive dashboards.

Target Audience Anyone who works with data, regardless of technical or analytical background. Tableau users: beginner to intermediate level.

Content Learn how to connect to, edit, and save data in a variety of formats and sources, create calculations, discover the effective uses for various chart types, review existing visualizations and discuss alternatives, why statistical summaries and visualizations are complements and not substitutes, explore data journalism to tell a story with your data and more.

Practical info (e.g., cost) | Download flyer (pdf) en | Download free trial of Tableau Desktop | Check out some of our Tableau vizzes

Practical Information


All courses can be customized to fit your skill level, goals, and schedule. For each course listed above, the following applies:


CHF 990.– per person per day excl. VAT. Price varies depending on number of days and participants. Please enquire directly.


Available in English and German.

Location & Duration

At our facilities in the center of Zürich or at your company’s site. Sessions can be full or half days.

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Tableau Consulting

Since 2009, we have experience in deploying and implementing Tableau across different industries and business units within organizations. Each Tableau implementation has been customized to the needs of our customers.

Our expertise includes data architecture strategy and implementation, building Tableau dashboards, deploying and administrating Tableau Server, and developing user permission frameworks.

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Price Quote

Quantum is an official reseller for Tableau. We are one of the few partners headquartered in Switzerland and can provide local support for our Swiss customers.

Request a free price quote for Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, or Tableau Online. Several options for Tableau licenses include Desktop or Server or Online, perpetual or subscription/annual, and individual (per person) or enterprise (entire organization).

Want to test drive Tableau Desktop before purchasing? Download a full version of Tableau Desktop. Free trial for 14 days.

We also provide free hands-on sessions at your site of business or in our offices if you’d like to learn more about the power of visualization and Tableau. Contact us!


Success Stories

Energy in Switzerland

energy electricity poles

A powerful example of Tableau in action and the impact of data science is illustrated in our work with Swissgrid.

Thanks to the Data Science Environment built by Quantum, Swissgrid is able to forecast electricity production and consumption as well as run impact scenarios to be prepared for potential challenges… like the one that arose during Winter 15/16. The Swissgrid Data Science Environment collects information about electricity production and consumption, temperature observations and forecasts, water levels in reservoirs and much more.

All this data is then processed and converted into a set of reports using Tableau that are distributed in near-real time within Swissgrid, to external parties and to the Federal Government. In addition, we have integrated Tableau into the platform, making possible extended ad-hoc analysis and valuable simulations.

In-Depth Surveys

question mark

An international medical organization needed to modernize its survey and reporting process for its courses.

Quantum created a course evaluation platform, which produces and distributes reports for hundreds of events, attended and evaluated by nearly ten thousand specialists in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and the Americas. New features included the addition of scalability, interpretation of free text, and ability to review performance over time.

With Tableau Desktop, Quantum’s experts were able to convert reports and dashboards from the organization’s former “paper” design into reality. All relevant course information is presented in a compact and standardised manner and statistics are shown at several levels of detail. Many different graphical aspects come into play, to better present results: tables, bar charts, pies, box-plots, heat maps, with comparisons with past values and other benchmarks.

Financial Reporting

financial reporting

How modern data science solves financial reporting pains: An international corporate client wanted help to turn their manual, error-prone financial reporting into a flexible and automated solution, with full reconciliation and accrual management.

Quantum’s solution provided the creation and configuration of data structures and the installation of Tableau for self-service creation of reports and quick visual data exploration. Tableau’s user-friendly visual interface allows flexible data handling, calculations and analysis. All the necessary tables and graphs are automatically populated and updated, daily. All tables, graphs, and underlying data can be exported into all major formats, as pdf, image files and spreadsheets.

With a limited cost, the client now has a powerful solution that provides quick, correct and flexible reporting, along with many more analytical capabilities than before.

Digital Transformation

digital transformation

How implementing digital technologies throughout the business helped a client to upgrade operations, meet changing business and market requirements, and strategically expand their offering. Quantum supported our client during this effort with the design and creation of a do-it-yourself analytics tool using Tableau.


White Papers from Tableau

Data-driven Financial Services


Today’s modern financial companies see themselves as insights-driven technology providers of financial services. Technology delivers new opportunities to reinvent themselves and the industry is lining up resources to harness this potential. A key differentiator today is undoubtedly data, with financial organizations leveraging massive volumes of data to transform processes and stack rank themselves above the competition. Analytics make it possible to immediately see results from investments, new operating models, and new ways to service and engage with customers.

This white paper takes a look at four key points to reaching this goal.

Turn Data into Products

strategy lt

Data is the new oil. This slogan is popular among senior managers when they are explaining the relevance of a data-driven digital strategy or corporate culture to board members, investors or employees. The phrase appears simple and clear, and rarely provokes questions. But actually, it‘s a lot more exciting to answer questions like: How can this oil be extracted? How will it be transported? How and where do you refine it? And what does the business model look like? The same questions apply to data and the opportunities to monetize data assets within a framework of new data-driven business models and analytics solutions.

Dirty data is costing you


If you’ve ever analyzed data, you know the pain of digging into your data only to find that the data is poorly structured, full of inaccuracies, or just plain incomplete… or simply put “dirty”. You’re stuck adapting the data in Excel or writing complex calculations before you can answer a simple question.

Enterprises are taking steps to overcome dirty data by establishing data catalogs and glossaries. But even with these practices, it is likely for some level of dirty data to seep through the cracks of day-today operations.

This white paper takes a look at four common data prep issues and how to solve them.

Which chart or graph is right for you?

men shoes

Explore and learn when to use thirteen different types of visualizations. Use this quick guide to learn how to start creating the best type of chart for your data and questions. The charts and graphs described in the paper include:

– Line and pie charts
– Heat maps and geographical maps
– Scatter plots, gantts and bubble charts
– Histograms and highlight tables

Advanced Analytics with Tableau

adv ananalytics

Advanced analytics has emerged as a critical component of modern business intelligence in recent years. As organizations rush to take advantage of new capabilities, data scientists need a platform they can depend on, and business users rely on tools that simplify their workflows while empowering them to ask deeper questions. Advanced analytics is an integral part of Tableau’s mission to help people see and understand their data. The following whitepaper details:

– The democratization of sophisticated analysis
– Why an intuitive interface, powerful back end, and statistics integrations provide a strong base for advanced analytics infrastructures
– How Tableau’s advanced analytics features address the most common analytical challenges

Evaluation Guide: How to choose the right modern BI & analytics platform

selecting BI analytics platform

This evaluation guide aims to support IT organizations as they evaluate and select a modern BI & analytics platform suitable for a broad, enterprise-wide deployment.

The transition to a self-service-based, modern BI model requires IT to adopt a collaborative approach that includes the business in all aspects of the overall program. This guide focuses on the platform evaluation and selection aspect of a modern BI program. It is intended for IT to use collaboratively with business users and analysts as they assess each platform’s ability to execute on the modern analytics workflow and address the diverse needs of users across the organization.

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Tableau Public

Tableau Public is a free service. Anyone can publish their Tableau data visualizations online. As soon as the viz is published to Tableau Public, anyone on the Internet can access it. Vizzes published to Tableau Public can be embeded in webpages and blogs, shared via social media or email, and can be downloaded by others.
Quantum has created several Tableau vizzes. Check them out here.


Tip & Tricks for Tableau Dashboards